Results through Respect

At P13 Lean, we approach work with Respect. Respect for the work being done, respect for the people doing it, respect for the customers who ultimately pay the bills, and respect for the business stakeholders who risk their investment every day for the hope of a profitable company. To us, Respect is the only Lean tool that is absolutely essential.

But we don't show respect to people by "going easy" on anyone. We respect people by enabling them to do more, by unleashing their hidden potential, and by eliminating wasteful work that has no value to the company. People only get better when challenged to do so, and nothing, not even money, motivates like the opportunity to show what you can do. We relentlessly focus on using the tool of Respect to produce our results.

The Lean Light came on

Some years ago, I was walking through a factory and was drawn to a particularly labor intensive activity. People were using mallets and special rams to tear apart simple cardboard sheets. I knew it could be better. I was given the opportunity to fix the process which had been done that way for 20 years or more. A specialized tool and some step by step procedures later and the same work could be done 600% faster. I didn't know it at the time but, I was "doing lean". I loved it.

I went on to work as Lean Champion for a company based in Buffalo, NY. The experience reinforced the Lean Principles that had become a part of my DNA.

I received my CLP certificate from TCIE and love to help bring the Lean light to other businesses.


Don Scott, CLP

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